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Image 5 Description

Panel 1

DK lands iconically inside a darkened room, surprising the shadowy figure from page 2.

Caption: Within moments, DK crashes into the mysterious stronghold...

DK: This ends now!

Panel 2

Shadow man, striking an evil mastermind pose: Ah, the Red Zone Warrior! Is that what they are calling you now? You, with so much power and strength, bouncing around town in some Halloween costume in an attempt to rescue every kitten from a tree and every speeding locomotive!

DK: I can make a difference more than just one day a week!

Panel 3

DK: If you thought you could fool me with those elaborate devices, you didn't count on the fact your wiring is like a signature, making it obvious you were behind this!

DK: I know what you're up to. I passed your tests. 

Shadow man: I know...I knew you would...

Panel 4

Shadow  man now emerges to reveal he is DK Metcalf's father.

Shadow man/father: ...I never had any doubt, son.

Shadow man/Father: ...and I am proud of the man you have become.

Panel 5

The two walk into the light coming in the busted hole in the wall, DK has his arm around the shoulders of his father.

DK: Thanks, Dad...but did you have to go to all that trouble? I mean, come one...a radio controlled meteor? And the paparazzi drone? Seriously? Someone could have been hurt.

Father: I knew you wouldn't let that happen. Besides, there's always room for a little unconventional training. And I was curious to see how those new reinforced grip gloves would do in a tough situation. I suppose we'll find out when you repair my workshop door!