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Image 4 Description

Panel 1

DK is holding the meteor which is now broken in half with wires sticking out of it.

Caption: On the roof of a Seattle skyscraper, having spared the city from complete destruction, DK Metcalf, in his guise as the Red Zone Warrior, notices something peculiar about the meteor he has just caught!

DK: Hmmm...something odd about this appears to be wired to some sort of guidance system...

Kid 1: That's no meteor DK, that's some kind of rocket! Someone built that in an attempt to destroy the city!

Panel 2

Sounds from a mechanical drone circling overhead as DK and Kid look up at it.

Sounds: Red Zone! Hey, Warrior! Great catch! Can I get an interview?! What's your secret identity? Who are you dating?

DK: What the-?! Some kind of paparazzi drone...getting too close to the radio tower! If it hits the tower it could fall into the crowd below on the street!

Panel 3

DK leaps off the building in a receiver pose... as the drone above is now in an awkward dive due to its rotor having stopped spinning.

DK: From one emergency to another...I just hope I can get into position in time...

Caption: DK lunges to get under the falling drone...

Panel 4

He catches the mechanical drone just before it crashes into the ground in a grassy park setting.

Caption: ...and once again his enhanced strength and speed allows him to make an easy catch!

DK: Umph! Got it! Now to just set it down where no one will get hurt.

Panel 5

DK is investigating the broken drone, which now has wires spilling out of its seams.

Caption: ...but while surveying the damage, DK realizes all is not as it seems!

DK: What is this?! The same kind of wiring and trip switches the meteor had inside!

Panel 6

DK takes off running again. He looks focused and determined.

DK: (thinking) Now I know exactly who built that meteor rocket drone! And also responsible for attacking me with a drone...only one man would go to such lengths...and this time he has gone too far!