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Image 3 Description

Panel 1

DK now on a roof top of a tall skyscraper, staring at the incoming meteor.

DK: I've only got one chance to do this!

Panel 2

Caption: Just then DK is surprised to find he has been followed...

Kid 1 bursting from a roof stair door: DK! That meteor! Look out!

Panel 3

DK gets between the kid and the meteor in a receiver pose and clutches the meteor.

Caption: In one move, the Red Zone Warrior protects his young friend and prepares for perhaps the greatest catch of his life...and the lives of every Seattle citizen!

DK: Got it!

Panel 4

DK standing as he looks down at the smoldering meteor in his hands.

Caption: Using his enhanced strength to catch the speeding fragment from space, DK's indestructible grip clutches the smoldering meteor until it burns itself out.

Kid 1: How did you do that?!...

DK: It's a long story, kid. And I'm still learning what all my powers can do. 

Panel 5

Kid 1: Besides your ability to catch fireballs from space in the palm of your hands, I mean how did you run across town so fast and make such an incredible last minute play?!

DK: Oh, that's easy, kid.

DK: Everyone has what it takes to become stronger, faster and more dynamic. It just takes confidence, focus...

Panel 6

DK hands the kid an Eastbay catalogue.

and using the right tools. This is your first step to a better performance. Take it.

Last panel 7

Mysterious hand and shadow of figure

Caption: Meanwhile, miles away...

Shadow: Perfect! Just as I had planned. Now we'll see if the so-called Red Zone Warrior can withstand my next test!

Final Blurb:

Who is the mysterious stranger plotting against the Red Zone Warrior?...and will DK Metcalf survive his maniacal scheme?