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Image 2 Description

Panel 1

DK is leaving the Seattle Seahawks stadium as kids are getting autographs.

Caption: After winning a close game, Seattle Seahawk Wide Receiver DK Metcalf greets his many young fans...

Kid 1: Thanks for your autograph, DK! You're the best!

Kid 2: I want an autograph, too, DK!

DK: Sure thing, kids.

Panel 2

Caption: ...but he is noticeably distracted by an ominous feeling of danger!

DK: (close-up thinking, focused) My enhanced hearing is picking up a high-pitched whistle, as if...

DK: Sorry, kids, I've got to cut this visit short...

DK: (thinking) ...and hopefully save the world from complete destruction!

Panel 3

Kid 1: (thinking) That's odd. I wonder where DK is going in such a hurry.

Panel 4

DK is now running at an incredible speed across town. He strips away his clothes like Superman to reveal a costume of his own underneath. People in cars are shocked to be passed by a man on foot.

Caption: Quickly masking his identity, DK charges into action, passing cars around him!

DK: (thinking) If whatever is making that noise turns out to be what I think it is, I only have seconds to get there and stop it from destroying the entire city!...and I can move faster if I wear the correct gear...of the Red Zone Warrior!

Panel 5

DK is now in full costume and airborne as he faces an incoming meteor.

Caption: A powerful jump propels DK into the sky to get a closer look!

DK: Just as I thought, an extraterrestrial composite of nickel and iron...otherwise known as a meteor! Racing directly towards downtown! Thousands will be harmed unless...unless I can stop it the best way I know how!

Panel 6

A TV reporter talks into a microphone as people behind her point and look into the air.

Female News Reporter: Reporting live from downtown Seattle, witnesses claim to have seen the Red Zone Warrior himself, leap into the sky...facing off against what appears to be an out of control meteor on a crash course to Earth!