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Image 1 Description

This page is a montage of imagery: close-up of DK, panels of him lifting something large as a child (but not weights), and newspaper clippings with "Red Zone Warrior" in the headline doing good deeds. Following are captions interwoven throughout the montage design, which tells his origin and sets up his motive:

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”― Joseph Campbell

Who is the mysterious Red Zone Warrior?

When DK Metcalf was a young boy, his incredible focus became obvious to his family. His father encouraged and helped condition DK's focus and determination until soon the young boy exhibited strength far superior than that of his peers.

As DK grew, his dedicated training and diet regimen developed his body into a finely-tuned instrument of power and speed that consisted of a mere 1.6% body fat. This allowed his now streamlined molecular structure to amplify his senses and strengths to superhuman capabilities. 

DK Metcalf discovered his newfound powers and superhuman abilities could accomplish great things on and off the football field.

Faster than a cornerback in tight coverage! More powerful than a linebacker in the open field! Able to outjump tall safeties in a single bound! 

He had achieved more than his dream of becoming a professional football player, he was also an asset to humankind and he is once again help his fellow man whenever he is able. becoming the Red Zone Warrior, a masked identity that allows him to anonymously aid those around him without his sports-star persona overshadowing the needs of others. The Red Zone Warrior!