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J-BIZ Varsity Radar Pitching Trainer

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Product #: RPT500

Throw Like the Pros! The Varsity Radar Pitching Trainer is a one-of-a-kind new product that combines a pitching target with a sonic radar ball speed indicator and a virtual umpire for the ultimate pitching experience.

Keep track of pitching statistics – Pitch Count, Strikeouts & Walks – with the trainer’s large “Electronic Umpire” display. Have fun with some healthy competition – statistics are maintained for one or two players. Use instant feedback to build healthy competition, motivate your players, and measure performance.


  • Calculates ball speed from 25 to 70 mph (baseball) and 25 to 50 mph (fast pitch softball)
  • Ball speed is calculated from pitcher's release point
  • Radar can be set for 45’, 50’, or 60’ 6” (baseball) and 35’, 40’, and 43’ (softball)
  • New feature allows speed display to be turned off.
  • Safe sonic radar technology - no microwaves
  • Highly accurate pitch speed measurement rivals expensive radar guns
  • Virtual electronic umpire calls balls, strikes, outs, and walks (simulates a 1/2 inning)
  • Proprietary software records the following statistics:
    Total Pitch Count, cumulative strikes, balls, outs and walks
  • Bright LEDs can be easily read from 60 feet in direct sun light.
  • Electronics run 40 to 60 hours on six AA batteries (no power cords).
  • Heavy duty 18 gauge steel frame
  • Durable pitching target and strike zone