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Women's Nike Pro Compression Shorts

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Wear Women’s Nike Compression Shorts and Move Freely

Add a pair of women’s Nike compression shorts to your athletic outfit and feel ready for any challenge. Hit the gym to get a good sweat going or find the right item for your next team outing. These shorts are ready for anything. Layer them under a pair of women’s Nike pro shorts and start moving with support and style.

The Shortlist

Never stop moving when you wear women’s Nike Pro 3” Shorts. With sweat-wicking fabric and stretchy, skin-hugging construction, these shorts keep you comfortable on the field. The curved seam at the back creates fewer distractions than ever, which keeps your mind on movement and off discomfort. A 3” inseam provides the right amount of coverage. A pair of Women’s Nike pro compression shorts are the perfect base layer for your outfit.

Women’s Nike Pro 365 5” Shorts are a staple in any athlete's closet. The Dri-FIT fabric pulls tight against your skin, supporting your muscles and making sweat a thing of the past. With a mid-rise design and a wide elastic waistband, you’ll have additional support and coverage. The mix of polyester and spandex material is soft against your skin and doesn’t get in the way of motion, so you can focus on your form and game. If you want the full athletic look, throw on a women’s Nike tank top.

For more coverage, try women’s Nike Pro 8” Shorts. The Nike Pro fabric slides over your skin and supports muscles and joints while in motion. The wide elastic waistband keeps the shorts in place and snug no matter how hard you’re moving. The tight fit makes layering easy, and mesh panels at the hems increase ventilation.

Shorts the Pros Like

Women’s Nike compression shorts are your best friend when you’re ready to move and don’t want to worry. Add comfort and safety to every athletic outfit. If you’re looking to go a little more casual, snag something from our collection of women’s Nike graphic tees.