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Reebok Crossfit Shoes

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Reebok CrossFit®

Fitness down to a science; CrossFit® training takes numerous workout elements and intertwines them to create one of the most intense, yet rewarding, physical fitness programs available. The program was developed in the mid-to-late 90's by Greg Glassman and was officially founded in 2000. Since the birth of the program, its popularity has led to thousands of gyms implementing it and the creation of the CrossFit Games in 2007, a competition to find the most-fit person on earth.

The CrossFit® program primarily consists of aerobic exercises, gymnastics, and weightlifting, used to diversify workouts. A typical routine flows from a warm-up into a skill-development session, and is then followed by a high-intensity workout, and group or individual stretching. Each individual's performance is documented to follow their improvements and strengthen their weaknesses.

Due to the intense demands of the program, equipping athletes with the proper gear is essential to improve performance and maintain health. Reebok has designed numerous shoes, clothing, and accessories specialized for athletes who use CrossFit® as their training program.

The CrossFit® Nano is one of the most popular shoe designs Reebok has introduced to its CrossFit® line. The CrossFit® Nano offers a handful of versatile features that benefit athletes who participate in diverse workouts. The CrossFit® Nano emphasizes the importance of multi-directional traction, superior support and stability, enhanced breathability, flexibility, and durability. Weighing in at just 10.1 oz., the CrossFit® Nano provides all those benefits through performance-minded designing.

While the CrossFit® Nano is a multi-purpose design, Reebok has catered to CrossFit® athletes who focus on certain aspects of the program by coming out with the CrossFit® Lifter and the CrossFit® Lite TR. Both offer unique features specific to different training styles. The CrossFit® Lifter provides a sturdy platform for unmatched support, stability, and traction to athletes who focus on heavy-lifting routines. The CrossFit® Lite TR lifts durability and lightweight stability to new heights with its TPU heel clip and Ortholite® sockliner features.

CrossFit® shoes are a vital aspect of the training gear Reebok provides, but it's not the only focal point. Durable and lightweight shirts, shorts, and compression gear have been on the rise in popularity, thanks to the in-workout benefits they provide. CrossFit® uses PlayDry® fabric that wicks any moisture to keep athletes dry and light for their workouts. PlayDry® is also designed to reinforce breathability in order to cool down athletes in mid-workout.

The Reebok CrossFit® line has enhanced the world-class training program and the athletes who use it, too. With continued breakthroughs in technology and design, new models will advance the state of CrossFit® and athletes everywhere.