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Nike Zoom Victory

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Get Moving with Nike Zoom Victory 

Take on your opponents or set a new personal best with Nike Zoom Victory track shoes. Zoom Victory footwear digs into the track and gets you up to speed quicker than ever. Whether you're the star of the meet or you just want to work on your mile, these shoes offer the ideal support. Nike track shoes have all the right features for every type of runner.

Shoes for More Speed

Racing becomes second-nature when you wear the men's Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2 track shoes. Make sure your race has fewer distractions as you blast off from the starting block. Seamless Flymesh upper construction ventilates the foot with perforations. An anatomical toe design increases forefoot space for better propulsion and less discomfort. The six-spike Pebax plate combines zones of stiffness for support and flexibility so you can grip the track.

For distances between 1,500 meters to 5 kilometers, the men's Nike Zoom Victory 3 has what it takes to go the distance. More room in the toe box means a more comfortable fit and greater control when you're pushing off. The upper construction is breathable and thin, so these shoes keep you light. The six-spike plate provides traction on the track for more acceleration. For more fast-moving kicks, check out the Nike Zoom Waffle shoes.

Men's Nike Zoom Victory Flyknit shoes bring a fresh style to your next trip to the track. Lace up and take off with a breathable textile upper that is comfortable around the foot and protects your foot. The ZoomX foam midsole is springy and returns energy into your stride when your foot comes down. The rain won't keep you away from the track since these shoes have Atomknit construction for minimal water absorption. It's contoured to the foot to reduce pressure pain and keep you focused on your next step.

You're Ready to Zoom

Speed it up with Nike Zoom Victory track shoes. All you have to do is put them on and go. Nike Zoom Rival shoes will make you the envy of the track, but nobody will be able to deny your sporty style. Keep moving forward with track gear from Eastbay.