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Performance Softball Bats Add More Ping to Your Swing


Deliver some serious clout and hear that satisfying contact sound with top-quality bats for softball from Eastbay. Choose from a variety of weights, lengths, and materials to meet your specific batting requirements. With high-tech softball bats from DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, and Rawlings, you’ll stride to the plate with confidence, carrying a stick that’s fine-tuned to your batting style.


From Sluggers to Slappers


Different types of batters require specifically designed softball bats, tuned to their physical attributes and approach to the ball. Our selection of bats for softball includes durable, high-grade aluminum alloy or advanced carbon composite construction in one- or two-piece styles. One-piece bats, with a stiffer feel, are often chosen by free-swinging power hitters who want every ounce of their energy delivered to the ball. Two-piece models, with a vibration-reducing connection between the handle and barrel, can add flex to the swing to help quick-cutting, contact hitters achieve an extra measure of swat.

Take a look at our collection to find softball bats that that are products of advanced hitting technology, with features including elongated sweet spots to up your average, lightweight materials for increased bat speed, and end-loaded designs for increased whip and power.


All of Your Softball Gear is Here


Shop Eastbay for the performance equipment you need to succeed on the field. Your choice of footwear is a vitally important consideration in terms of mobility and stability. While metal cleats are allowed in most organizations and conferences, molded softball cleats are the most common choice due to their lightweight, flexible feel. Unlike metal spikes, molded cleats can also be worn safely on hard surfaces like pavement and are more durable than metal for longer life.

If you’re looking for softball gloves, you’ll find we carry dozens of top-brand models, including styles preferred by infielders who require lightning-fast ball retrieval and others designed for outfield play with a longer profile to reach soaring flyballs on the run. Top off your equipment acquisition needs by shopping our selection of softball helmets, catcher’s gear, softball clothing, bags, balls, and accessories.

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