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Indoor Soccer Shoes

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Indoor Turf Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer shoes are unlike traditional cleated soccer shoes, designed for use on a smaller indoor pitch. Due to the variety of surfaces that indoor soccer is played on, there are many choices when it comes to choosing indoor soccer shoes.

Most of the time, indoor soccer is played on hard surfaces, but some areas actually play outdoors on traditional turf. There is also a version of indoor soccer called futsal, which is played indoors on a hard surface without the use of walls.

Futsal was also known as fútbol sala in the 1980's, which is the inspiration of the name of a popular indoor soccer shoe design, the adidas Sala. Many of the indoor soccer shoe designs use an outsole similar to the Sala, which features a tread pattern that resembles those used on other shoes of other indoor sports like basketball and volleyball. Gum outsoles that provide traction thanks to their softer and stickier features are combined with herringbone tread patterns, some of which will have pivot points designed for better response during directional changes. For those playing on artificial turf surfaces, consider choosing a more aggressive tread pattern.

Due to the tendency to drag your feet during games and the wear of kicking, a reinforced toebox is important when choosing indoor soccer shoes. Designs with increased protection or abrasion resistance in the toe and kicking areas will offer increased durability and impact protection. Indoor soccer shoes should feature a much more cushioned midsole than cleated soccer shoes. Comfort can be found in many varieties of cushioning, including rubber, EVA and cushioned insoles, or a similar combination.

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