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Nike Tiempo Soccer Cleats

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Make a Statement
Far more than footwear in any other sport, soccer cleats make a statement on the field. Some have even said, “the brighter the cleats, the better the player.” Although this is far from a fact, it just goes to show the impact that cleats can have on a player’s confidence. Whether it improves the wearer’s confidence or shatters that of the opponents, it’s a job well done.

Perhaps soccer cleats seem so important because they’re attached to the most important part of a player’s body. The audience watches a ball fly off of a player’s cleat into the goal, so when a goal is immortalized, the image of the cleat is, too.

Keep It Custom
In terms of style, cleats also are the only truly customizable part of a player’s uniform, a way for them to express their personal style with their choice of footwear. Flashy players show off their flair with a bright and bold cleat, whereas the more subtle masterminds keep their colorways subdued.

Of course, aside from style or statement, cleats also are the most important single piece of gear that any player uses in any sport. Soccer cleats are integral to every dribble, pass, or shot. Depending on the way someone likes to play, a certain construction of cleat might genuinely suit them better.

The Legend Continues
The Nike Tiempo makes a statement all by itself. It’s the longest-running Nike soccer silhouette in the company’s iconic history with the sport, making its initial debut all the way back in 1984. Since then, it’s seen plenty of updates, with signature versions from the likes of world-class soccer players like Ronaldinho, via the Tiempo Ronaldinho R10.

At Eastbay, we carry the latest in this long line of legendary sneakers. There are two versions of the Nike Tiempo Legend 8: the Pro FG and the Elite FG. These two are most obviously distinguished by the difference in their premium leather, with the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG featuring premium kangaroo leather. It’s all about player preference — you can’t go wrong with either.