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Nike Soccer Shorts

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Ready for the Field
If you need the right pair of shorts to make you look and feel good on the field, you’ll find them here in the Nike soccer shorts collection. Each pair is designed specifically for soccer, which means they’ll give you free range of motion no matter where you’re playing. We have a variety of colors and styles for everyone including women, men, boys, girls, and entire teams

Pro Pieces for Play
The ultimate pair of Nike soccer shorts is the Nike Academy Shorts, available for players of any size or skill level. They're designed for soccer, so they're less baggy than other shorts.

The men's Nike Academy Pro Shorts are made of sweat-wicking fabric and have a wrap-around mesh panel that keeps you cool the entire time you're on the field. The Nike Pro 6” Shorts give you the support you need to play safe, with flat seams to reduce chafing and a higher waistband for even more security.

Looking for women’s sizes? Try out the women’s Nike Academy Pro Shorts, which offer all the same helpful details, as well as the slim fit that all the Nike Academy Shorts possess. You can also pick up the Nike Academy Knit Shorts, which help you make fast moves with ease. The side stripes enhance ventilation, while a curved hem allows for a natural range of motion.

If your kiddos want the best while they're on the field, they’ll love our smaller sizes of Nike soccer shorts. The girls' grade school Nike Academy Knit Shorts help them stay cool and comfortable — the elastic waistband provides a snug fit, and the Dri-FIT fabric will keep them sweat-free. The Nike Team League Knit Shorts are great for any young player since they have a global soccer fit, and the Dri-FIT fabric will keep them cool.

Superior Styles for Soccer
From the first time your kiddos step onto the field to when you take your own spot in the squad, everyone will be outfitted in the best when you shop these Nike soccer shorts.