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They’re Worn to Run

Through your neighborhood, around the park, along rugged trails or remote country roads, and on the oval or turf at track and field meets, runners of all ages and styles follow their passion with dedication and effort. A glance at their feet as they pass inevitably reveals the unmistakable Swoosh that symbolizes speed and identifies Nike Running Shoes. Some individuals fly like the wind, others maintain a moderate, steady pace, while some are morning “power walkers” or determined marathoners — every one of them has their own specialized footwear needs. The sprinter looks for ultimate flexibility and a barely-there feel, while the long-distance road runner requires advanced cushioning and ultra-responsive energy return properties, and intrepid off-roaders demand reliable foot support, durable construction, and dependable traction. Eastbay carries hundreds of Nike running models to satisfy the specific needs, and style sense, of every runner, whether top competitor, weekend warrior, or casual strider.