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Men's Nike Running Shoes

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Add More Kick to Your Run

Where does your route take you? Through the neighborhood, on a treadmill, off the beaten path and onto wooded trails, cross country, or competing at a track meet, your choice of footwear makes all the difference when it comes to performance and comfort. Eastbay has you covered with an amazing selection of Nike Running Shoes. And, how do you run? Whether at a wicked clip for shorter distances, a casual half-hour jog, or grueling marathoner’s pace, Nike offers a shoe style that best fits your activity. If you’re a competitive sprinter, an ultra-light/ultra-flexible shoe with a barefoot feel is likely your best choice. If you’re covering miles of road, you’ll need reliable impact absorption and a cushioning system that offers consistent energy return to help fuel your run. If wilderness trails are your jam, you’ll need excellent foot support, durable materials, and sure traction on varied surfaces. Eastbay carries hundreds of Nike running models to satisfy your sport-specific requirements – and personal style. Speaking of style, Nike running kicks are also the choice for countless sneakerheads who simply like their look and feel for casual wear.

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