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Running Tights and More to Get You Psyched for Your Run


Serious runners often say that, before they head out, the simple act of donning their running tights and lacing up their shoes can noticeably pump up their energy level and elevate their heart rate in anticipation of the exhilarating “high” they’ll experience down the road. Of course, running attire is about much more than psychology or looking the part – it’s also about top performance and comfort in all conditions.


Reap the Benefits of Proper Attire


You’ll get more out of your run when you dress for the occasion. Take tights for running for example; they offer various tactical benefits, including muscle support, redirection of blood to the heart, sweat-wicking properties, decreased wind resistance, and the warmth you look for in chilly conditions. offers a selection running tights for men and women from adidas, ASICS, New Balance, Nike, and Under Armour.


Because Any Weather is Good Running Weather


Rain or shine, hot or freezing, getting in your daily run can require suiting up for weather extremes. Your choices include ankle-length, form-fitting tights for running to have maximum coverage when you need it, ventilated running tights that offer cooling airflow as you go, and half-length models for top performance in warmer weather. On a warm, sunny day you may prefer to ditch running tights for a pair of running shorts, available in loose, comfortable styles and various lengths. Underneath, add snug running shorts for confident coverage with a secure, compression feel.


Time to Layer Up


If the wind turns a little brisk, precipitation falls, or when temperatures take a serious dip, intrepid, all-weather runners can dress for the day by slipping into their trusty running hoodies or running jackets. Eastbay carries dozens of options to suit your brand or style preference, including insulated and water-resistant models and ones that feature high-visibility designs and reflective elements to help you stay safe in gloomy conditions.

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