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Under Armour Football

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Score Your Under Armour Football Gear 

From a brand that’s become associated globally with high-performance athletic clothing and equipment, Under Armour football gear prepares players for action on the gridiron. From grade school to elite levels, carries a wide selection of Under Armour football equipment with specialized features, advanced technologies, and popular aesthetics. 

High-Profile Footwear

Among the most visible of their products on the field, Under Armour football cleats come in dozens of styles in men’s and boys’ sizes. The Under Armour football gear collection include shoes ranging from the sleekest low-tops to some of the highest silhouettes in the game, also preferred by many lacrosse players. Shop for cleats that will suit your playing position and physical needs. Whether you require extra ankle support, armored uppers to deflect others’ cleats, or ultra-light construction for a racer’s edge, we have your shoe. There’s a great selection of colors and graphic treatments, with most cleats prominently featuring the famous, stylized “UA” icon. 

Handy Accessories

It’s become a rarity these days to see a football player who isn’t wearing gloves. They’re not just for fending off the cold. They actually help receivers make those seemingly impossible one-hand catches. Linemen rely on them for protection and sure grip as they go hand-to-hand in the trenches. We carry Under Armour football gloves in models for all positions. Receivers and backs will find lightweight gloves that fit like a second skin and feature GlueGrip technology for reliable ball control. Lineman’s gloves are well-padded and come in full- and half-finger styles. Under Armour’s ColdGear gloves come into play in tundra-like conditions.

Get Totally Decked Out

Eastbay can help you suit up with Under Armour football clothing for under and outer wear. Padded undershirts, girdles, and tights provide targeted protection that won’t shift out of place during play. Compression shirts, shorts, and tights help to stabilize muscles and promote blood flow. Team game pants are available in various colors. 

For life away from the football field, we also carry Under Armour shoes and clothing for training and casual wear.