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Under Armour Highlight Football Cleats

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Under Armour Highlights for High-Level Performance

It’s all in the name: uniquely styled Under Armour Highlight football cleats combine a super-high silhouette and a shockingly lightweight feel that many lower-cut football shoes can’t match. While high-top football shoes are usually associated with lineman positions, Under Armour Highlights are often the choice of speed and skill players who need to ensure protection of their ankles as they perform abrupt stops and starts and slashing cuts. The durable shoe is also popular among lacrosse players to help shield against flailing sticks and sailing balls. offers Under Armour Highlights in sizes for men and boys.

Dig the Difference

Under Armour Highlight football cleats are available in two models – the MC and RM – with the chief visible difference being the style of the outsole traction plate. The elite-level Highlight MC features small, triangular and bladed TPU studs that provide maximum dig on well-groomed grass and synthetic surfaces. The all-purpose Highlight RM has more robust rubber molded cleats to supply traction on longer natural grass or hybrid playing surfaces. Both types of Under Armour Highlights offer a 4D Foam footbed that “learns” your foot’s shape to supply a natural feel. 

Matching Shoes with Players carries a wide selection of men's Under Armour football shoes with features and aesthetics to satisfy every position and personality. There are super-lightweight low-cut shoes built for speed, with strategically positioned cleat configurations to ensure traction in quick cuts. Other models are designed with features that offer enhanced midfoot lockdown, added protective structure, and mid-cut silhouettes for ankle protection preferred by power players who need to rely on stable footwork when delivering or defending against an intense bull rush.

Get Accessorized Here

For the extras you need, our website features Under Armour football equipment, including visors, mouthguards, chin straps, and towels. You’ll also find dozens of Under Armour football gloves in versions for receivers and linemen and a selection of specially designed Under Armour football clothing for under and outer wear, including compression shirts and tights and padded undershirts and girdles.