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Men's Football Shoes

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Eastbay Test Run Program

Eastbay Test Run Program

See how your cleats & spikes perform in competition with the option to return them.

There isn’t any place you’d rather be than on the gridiron, between the goalposts, pounding out a few yards at a time with your eyes set firmly on the end zone. Whether you’re running, passing, catching, or bringing your opponent crashing to the ground, it’s a place where boys can be boys and men can be men.

The importance of personal equipment in football simply can’t be overstated. Your performance and safety depend on it. So when choosing a pair of football shoes or cleats, don’t settle. Only the best will do. And you won’t find a better selection than at Eastbay.

Gaining the Edge with the Right Football Shoes
One of the top models for the upcoming season is the Nike Vapor Edge 360. Newly designed this spring, these kicks are strong, light, and look totally awesome. Flyknit construction and Nikeskin surround your foot in snug comfort and provide incredible flexibility and breathability. The liner locks into place to reduce slippage, and the studs are strategically placed for firm starts, stops, and cuts. Check out Eastbay’s great selection of football gloves, such as the Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 and Nike Superbad 5.0.

Men's Football Cleats That Are Always in Style
The Jordan brand has dominated the sports industry for decades, and each season a new Jordan retro cleat is released. This year it’s the Jordan Retro 10, available in both mid and low profiles. Inspired by the Air Jordan Retro 10 sneaker, the shoe features a soft leather upper and Lunarlon foam for added comfort. Bold plastic studs on the toe and heel will give you the edge you need when running and cutting.

Tools of the Trade
You wouldn’t think of wearing a goalie’s mask to play golf or taking your shoulder pads to the baseball diamond. You have to have the right equipment. This is important within each sport as well, as each position has its own special gear. When talking football, you need the right shoe for the position you play.

SPEED: If you’re a wide receiver or defensive back, you want a shoe that will maximize your velocity on the field. Check out the Nike Vapor Edge, adidas adiZero, Under Armour Blur, and Under Armour Spotlight.

AGILITY: For linebackers, running backs, tight ends, and quarterbacks, a shoe that makes you quick and agile is essential. The Nike Alpha Menace, adidas FREAK, and Under Armour Highlight are specially designed for these positions.

POWER: Offensive and defensive linemen are the impenetrable wall on the field. Digging in for maximum strength and stability is what it’s all about. If this is your position, take a look at the Nike Force Savage and Under Armour Hammer.

Two Pairs of Football Shoes Are Better Than One
One size doesn’t fit all, and one football cleat doesn’t fit all occasions. Pick up a pair of low-cut, flashy cleats for 7v7 games in spring and summer, and then wear something a little heavier in the fall varsity season. Eastbay carries a wide range of models and colorways, so you can match your team uniform perfectly.