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Men's Football Pants

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Men’s Football Pants – Built to Perform

For players and team equipment managers, we offer a selection of action-ready men’s football pants. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and colors from Nike, Under Armour, and our value-priced Eastbay brand. You’ll find men’s padded football pants, offering built-in thigh and knee protection. You can also opt for men’s football pants without integrated pads, so you can slip your preferred pads into the thigh and knee pockets for customized protection. All of the men’s football pants we offer feature durable, stretchy fabric and a snug fit to keep pads in place. 

From Our Hardware and Soft Wear Department carries high-performance football shoulder pads to provide maximum protection during intense gridiron action. We carry models for men and boys to suit the needs of every player. For backs, receivers, and safeties, there are streamlined, minimalist pads that promote unimpeded motion. Larger players, like tight ends, linebackers, and linemen, rely on specially reinforced football shoulder pads to absorb the hardest hits. Although they’re designed for the big guys, these models are still very lightweight and well-articulated to allow natural movement.

We carry a wide selection of football pads for added protection. There are removable back and rib plates and neck rolls that attach directly to your shoulder pads. Individualize your protection system with your choice of flexible, slip-on elbow and knee pads, padded sleeves, rib vests, padded compression undershirts, and football girdles. Don’t forget padded football gloves, available in styles for receivers and linemen.

Lace Up in the Right Shoe for You

Shop Eastbay for football cleats that are the perfect fit for your field position, playing style, and sense of taste. Our selection includes popular models by adidas, Jordan, Nike, and Under Armour, many worn by the game’s most elite players. There are ultra-lightweight, low-top models preferred by speedsters who seek every ounce of advantage against their opponent. Linemen require a sturdy base to dig in as they play their power game in the trenches. They often choose the durability, shielding, and foot support found in mid- and high-top cleats. We offer a great variety of models and colors, so you’re sure to find the shoe that’s perfect for your uniform and game.