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Football Shoulder Pads

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High-Technology Football Shoulder Pads

Imagine playing football back in its earliest, most bruising days. The first football shoulder pads were introduced in the late 19th century, decades before leather helmets came along. The earliest football pads were small and rudimentary, made of leather and wool and sewn directly inside the jersey. Harnessed football shoulder pads emerged around 1910, combining fabric padding, canvas, and tough leather. High-impact plastics and foam padding were first utilized in the 1960s, but they could become stiflingly hot. Pads have evolved much since then to become advanced protective systems with high breathability. helps you gear up for top protection during intense action with high-performance football shoulder pads for men and boys. We carry models to suit the needs of every player on the gridiron. There are streamlined, minimalist pads designed to promote freedom of motion for running backs, receivers, D-backs, and safeties. Specially reinforced football shoulder pads provide maximum protection for bigger players, like tight ends, linebackers, and linemen. Even these models are surprisingly lightweight and are well articulated to not impede movement. For added protection, our collection of football pads includes removable back and rib plates and neck rolls. 

The Modern Helmet

Following a similar evolutionary path as football shoulder pads, football helmets have come a very long way from the first leather, mask-less ones associated with legends like “Red” Grange and “Bronko” Nagurski. Football helmets today are more than just super-hard shells to deflect impacts. They can feature lightweight internal padding, inflatable air liners, and advanced suspension systems. Many players add transparent mask shields for eye protection.

Ones for the Team

For practices and gameday uniforms, players and team equipment managers can shop our selection of men’s and boys’ football jerseys. Quality, name-brand jerseys, including our own Eastbay models are made with tough, comfortable fabric and tailored to accept pads. We also carry Alleson reversible flag football jerseys in sizes for men and boys.

Layer up on the sideline with a selection from our line of lightweight football coaches jackets. Designed to shrug off wind and rain, and with a roomy fit to accommodate your devices, these jackets also have a sporty aesthetic that’s a sure winner anywhere.