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Football Clothing

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Action-Ready Football Clothing

For football apparel, from under-uniform to outer wear, is more than ready with hundreds of products to suit you up for the game. For practice or gameday in flag or youth leagues, or full-on adult competition, you can be confident that we’re serious about providing the top-performance football clothing and accessories you require. Browse our wide selection for items from adidas, Cramer, Nike, Under Armour, and other respected sports equipment brands. 

Starting at the Foundation

Football clothing that lies below the surface plays a big role for virtually every serious player on the gridiron. Form-fitting, padded compression clothing for football helps to stabilize and oxygenate muscles and promotes important blood flow while adding targeted protection for vulnerable, high-impact areas. Our selection of padded football clothing includes models that shield hips, thighs, and tailbone with EVA padding that’s lightweight, flexible, and durable. You’ll also find girdles that extend protection from thighs to the knees, where high-impact pads are kept firmly in place when external pants pads may shift during action. 

More Than Just an Undershirt

Before donning shoulder pads and jersey, a compression shirt is a highly recommended article of football clothing. Designed to provide support without restricting your movement, a compression shirt performs triple duty, providing stretchy compression for muscle stabilization, strategically placed upper-body protection, and a layer of dry warmth with moisture-wicking fabric. 

Top it All Off

Our vast website features everything in football equipment you need to compete, except for the fighting spirit (that part is up to you!). Check out our collection of top-name football helmets, including models for players who do battle in the trenches and ones designed to promote unobstructed vision. Browse for cleats, ruggedly constructed practice football jerseys and flag football jerseys, scrimmage caps, pads, compression sleeves, balls, and accessories.