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The One-Size-Fits-All Football Belt 

Playing with perfect-fitting game pants is literally a cinch with a classic, double D-ring football belt. Made with heavyweight polypropylene web material, the extra-long belt can be cut to your size and the end seared to prevent fraying. Double rivets ensure the D-rings stay securely attached – and your football belt remains attached to you. also carries men’s flag football belts. Each belt is adjustable for personal fit and comes with three attached flags that can slide on the belt for regulation placement at the sides and back. When a flag is grabbed, the football belt instantly releases from the player’s waist to signal a “tackle.” 

Great Football is Built on Solid Footwork

To break into the open, a receiver needs to alternate controlled stutter steps, lightning-quick cuts, and bursts of speed. Linemen have to dig in to maintain a sturdy base as they pit their power and agility against their opponent. Some players look for the lightest low-tops they can find, and others demand exceptional durability, shielding, and foot support found in mid- and high-top cleats. We carry men's football cleats to meet every player’s needs. Browse our selection with models by adidas, Jordan, Nike, and Under Armour, including many of the same shoes you see on the field in nationally televised games. With so many models and colors, you’ll find the shoe that matches your uni and game.

Under the Uniform

Clothing that remains unseen plays an important role for football players. Form-fitting football compression gear helps to stabilize and oxygenate muscles by promoting efficient blood flow. Before slipping on your shoulder pads and jersey, a compression undershirt is highly recommended. Designed to provide support without restricting your movement, a compression shirt adds a layer of dry warmth with moisture-wicking fabric. Compression tights are also available in 3/4- and full-length versions.

Padded compression clothing adds targeted protection for vulnerable, high-impact areas. Our selection of padded football girdles includes models that shield hips, thighs, and tailbone with EVA padding that’s lightweight, flexible, and durable. You can choose a girdle that extends protection from the thighs to knees, where their pads remain firmly in place when external pants pads may shift during action. We also carry a variety of padded compression undershirts.