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Jordan Casual Shoes

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Jordan Casual Shoes are a Chance to Chill

Very little was “casual” about Michael Jordan, who famously seemed to attack everything with the same laser-focused drive to be No. 1. While he went after baseballs and golf balls with nearly the same ferocity that drove him to six championships in professional basketball arenas, Jordan casual shoes are a chill reflection of his off-court style. You can also lay back like the OG himself with a pair of Jordan casual sneakers.

The Legacy Lives on

MJ wasn’t the first pro athlete to get his own signature shoe, but he may have had the biggest impact both in the game and around it. Almost instantly after their 1985 debut, everyone had to have them. Nowadays, you can spot a pair of Jordan sneakers almost anywhere.

After seeing the fire that each new release of Air Jordans was igniting, Nike has re-released popular styles, each one a must-have event. Once at the cutting edge of performance technology, they’re now more of a laid-back connection to Jordan’s storied style.

Jordan Retro shoes include the AJ 1 Mid, a versatile mid-height takedown of the original. That OG sneaker was an instant head-turner for its bold black-and-red colorblocking in an era when most basketball shoes were black or white with only hints of color. The AJ 1 Mid turns heads today for the same reason.

The Jordan Retro 12 shoes bore the honor of being on MJ’s feet during his famed “Flu Game.” MJ lay on a table right up until tip-off of game 5 of the 1997 finals. The pebbled leather upper and gold details tell the MJ story of the same fierce elegance while adding to the streetwear-inspired vibe.

Similarly, Jordan Retro 13 shoes recall MJ’s on-court nickname of “Black Cat.” A hologram on the upper adds the eye of a panther, while the outsole resembles a strong, nimble paw. Other J's mash up elements from several Jordan Retros. The Jordan 6 Rings, for example, draws pieces from each of the shoes MJ wore on his way to six championships.

Every Jordan sneaker tells a story. Choose one to help you tell yours.