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New Balance Basketball Shoes

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New Balance Basketball Shoes – Because Hoops is a Running Game


Along with other famous athletic brand icons, the big bold “N” of New Balance is a marketing image instantly recognized around the world. The American brand started more than a century ago as a small manufacturer of arch supports. The company created its first running shoe in the 1960s and by the ‘70s its popularity grew during a huge boom of interest in long-distance running. Today, the company has expanded its lines of NB shoes to include models for casual wear, baseball, football, lacrosse, cycling, skateboarding, and … New Balance basketball shoes.


Making Noise on the Court


In a collaboration applying the company’s product designers’ knowledge of dynamic foot mechanics and the game savvy of pro superstar Kawhi Leonard, New Balance basketball shoes were designed to perform at a high level in all aspects of the game. The high-style New Balance Kawhi Signature mid-cut shoe achieves an efficient balance between flexibility and support. Its stretchy mesh upper is paired with an external TPU heel counter for enhanced stability. A full-length outsole shank adds a reliable platform for extreme action. Our selection of New Balance basketball shoes features a variety of attention-grabbing looks and performance features.


Make a Run for It in NB Shoes


Whether you’re a casual jogger or competitive speed merchant, can equip you with the footwear you need. Shop our wide selection of comfortable, stylish New Balance running shoes in sizes for men, women, and kids. You’ll find sleek, ultra-light models that promote a smooth glide in your stride along with comfortable, running-inspired sneakers that are perfect for casual, all-day wear.

To set you up for race day, we supply top-performance New Balance track shoes for sprinters, distance, and cross-country runners. Shop for featherlight models that offer peak acceleration on the shorter track or supportive cross-country spikes that combine a snug, sock-like fit and durable construction to handle the miles over various surfaces.

Browse our website for more New Balance products, including athletic and casual footwear, clothing, and more.