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Converse Basketball Shoes

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Converse Basketball Shoes – a Century of Tradition

Buried firmly in the American basketball and cultural psyche are terms including “Chuck Taylors,” “Chucks,” “Cons,” “All Stars,” and “Converse.” They all call to mind an iconic image of a white or black, high-top or low-cut (aka, Oxford) canvas athletic shoe, with a durable white rubber toe cap and metal lacing eyelets. From the basketball court to movie and TV screens, celebrity circles, and on to virtually every kids’ foot in the country, no other sneaker – or any shoe for that matter – has carved out a popular legacy anything like it. You could say that Converse basketball shoes put the “con” in “icon.”

A Product of Persistence

Today's Converse basketball shoes emphasize performance on the court. High top models like the Converse G4 basketball shoe offer added stupport in the ankle, while technology in the forefoot through the heel deliver support for speed. The slimmer profile of the Converse Evo basketball shoe has a high-grip sole for added traffic as you're shooting hoops.

For casual footwear off the court, you can still own that timeless vibe and look with a pair of brand-new Converse All Star shoes for casual wear. From faithful reproductions of the originals to fanciful, fun graphic treatments and design variations, there’s something for every man, woman, and kid in the Converse basketball shoes family. 

In sharp contrast to a contemporary footwear culture of constant change, new aesthetics, and technologies, many of today’s classic Converse shoes share a strong resemblance and DNA to the original Chuck Taylor All Star shoe, introduced in the 1920s. And who was the original Chuck Taylor? He was a Converse company salesman with a basketball background who influenced the shoe’s design and aggressively marketed Converse basketball shoes around the country at school sports clinics. 

Variations on a Theme

Beyond the monotone Chucks look of classic Converse basketball shoes, today’s Converse shoes can take on a variety of unique and imaginative identities that represent definite “left turns” from the brand’s usual aesthetic. Browse our selection for footwear that adds a modern spin, a new idea, or a completely different animal. There are boots, baby’s booties, and rugged hiking models. You’ll find features like water-resistant uppers, waterproof Gore-Tex liners, and comfortable OrthoLite insoles. As you check out our wide selection of casual Converse shoes, you’ll find lots of familiar looks and discover ones you’ve probably never dreamed of.