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Looking for New Baseball Shoes?

Baseball cleats are designed to give athletes the traction, support, and comfort they need to perform on the diamond. Tons of technology is built into the outsole of these cleats and there are generally two options: metal or molded.

A metal outsole is popular because of its advanced traction. These bladed studs are positioned in different directions to provide explosive acceleration and durability. Molded outsoles are more common in younger baseball leagues because of safety concerns. Some elite players enjoy molded cleats too though, because of the extra comfort. Available with rubber or TPU studs, these materials put less pressure on the bottom of the foot than metal does. Often, molded is a good choice for soft or wet fields where long metal cleats could get stuck.

Most baseball shoes also come in a turf version. Turf shoes are great for baseball training and batting practice. With flat or nubby rubber soles, they are all about keeping your feet comfortable. Turf shoes still include traction elements that will keep you from slipping during movement. They allow you to work on in comfort and if you choose a turf shoe in the same style as your cleat, there won't be a drastic difference from practice to game time. Because of their comfort and versatility, turf shoes are also a favorite for coaches who spend hours on the diamond.

After you've chosen the right outsole for your playing style, you have the option of a high, mid, or low style. Low cut baseball spikes allow the maximum freedom of movement during quick changes of direction. A mid cut provides more ankle support, without losing the mobility. If you choose a high cut cleat, it will extend up the ankle for the maximum amount of stability and support.

Eastbay has a wide selection of men's baseball spikes and trainers from all of your favorite brands, including Nike, Under Armour, Mizuno, Adidas, New Balance, and Jordan. Many of these styles are also available in youth models so that no matter your age or league, you're wearing the newest and most advanced cleat.