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adidas Baseball Turf Shoes – Natural Meets Artificial

For play on fields with synthetic surfaces and in training facilities, adidas baseball turf shoes combine a light, airy feel and dependable foot support. Their breathable mesh uppers promote cooling airflow, while overlays and internal structure add stability when you’re on the move. These durable low-tops are highly flexible to promote natural heel-to-toe transitions. Their all-rubber outsoles make adidas indoor baseball shoes your perfect choice for sure-footedness in the batting cage and on hard practice surfaces. 

The famous 3-Stripes treatment comes prominently into play to add an international flair on your adidas baseball turf shoes. Rightfully so, you’ll be tempted to use them for gym training or even casual wear.

Enjoy Every “Crack” of the Bat

You can’t beat the feel and satisfying contact sound you hear with traditional wooden baseball bats. carries models for adults and kids, and in various lengths. You can step into the batter’s box with a classic, maple Louisville Slugger or a quality, solid hardwood bat by Easton, Marucci, or Rawlings. Other sturdy wood options include Adirondack spruce, ash, and birch. Grab a durable, lightweight fungo bat to swat a bucket of balls during fielding practice. 

Get a Grip on Your Batting Average

While the age-old batting coach’s advice to “throw your hands at the ball” may not be the best instruction for young players, their hands do play a huge role in perfecting their swing. A pair of quality, kids' batting gloves will help them maintain firm control of the bat and protect their hands as they learn the mechanics of putting the bat on the ball. We carry dozens of batting gloves, including brands and models used at elite levels of the game. 

Outfitting the Field General

For the pitch caller and diamond surveyor behind the plate, we offer a selection of premium leather catcher's gloves for men and boys. Commonly referred to as mitts, catcher’s gloves feature a wide, circular shape with a heavily padded pocket to absorb impacts and a large, flexible web to swallow wayward pitches. Choose from models by All Star and Rawlings.