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Nike Baseball Gloves

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Nike Baseball Gloves Take the Field

From the brand many believe to be the greatest in sports, Nike baseball gloves are engineered for top performance and are often seen on the field in the majors. carries a collection of Nike baseball gloves for fielders, featuring premium leather and sweat-wicking material on the strap. Choose from Nike baseball gloves in various sizes and web configurations to match your playing style. Once you’ve given your brand-new glove a conditioning treatment, you’ll be ready to show off some serious leather on the field.

We also carry a variety of Nike batting gloves in men’s and boys’ sizes. Valued for their natural, flexible feel and snug fit for stability throughout the swing, Nike batting gloves come in various styles and colors. Your options include extra palm padding, premium leather, models made with machine-washable synthetic material, and silicone grip designs. Slip into a pair and take your cuts with improved bat control and comfort.

Lace Up for Action Anywhere

Nike is known everywhere for excellence in athletic footwear and baseball is no exception. For players from grade school to those who’ve made it to the “show,” we carry a wide assortment of Nike baseball shoes, with models designed for play on every surface.

Delivering maximum bite to maintain control on hard infields and thick outfield grass, shoes with metal cleats are your best bet for experienced players. Likely the most popular and versatile option, models with durable TPU cleats are worn by players at all levels. They provide excellent performance on well-manicured grass and natural/synthetic grass hybrid fields. We also carry rubber-soled Nike turf shoes for use in training facilities and on artificial playing surfaces. 

To help them start off on the right foot, Eastbay includes kids' baseball shoes for boys and girls. There are dozens of models from the same brands the grown-ups wear, including adidas, New Balance, Nike, and Under Armour. They’ll love stepping onto the field in their new performance footwear.

The Top of Your Game

For practices, the basis of a uniform, or even comfortable casual wear, we carry Nike baseball jerseys for men and boys. Available in a variety of colors, these lightweight pullovers feature sweat-wicking material for lasting comfort.