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Revamp Your Swing with BBCOR Baseball Bats 

BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, and it tells you which bat you can use when you step into the batter's box in high school or college play. Swing away thanks to brands like Louisville Slugger bats, Easton, DeMarini, and more. BBCOR baseball bats have tons of cool features that push your swing to its limits while also staying within the boundaries set for players.

Send It the Outfield

Wooden baseball bats are the classic piece of equipment for America's pastime, and now you can choose from plenty of alloy choices as well. The DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat is built for players who want a middle-range mixture of bat speed, barrel control, and power. Handle any kind of pitch and move the runners around the bases. The New ReACTION end cap blends strong and light materials, increasing barrel performance and swing speed to make even fastballs easier to hit. This will help you position your team for victory when your accuracy is improved.

The Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Bat comes with a larger sweet spot — aim for the fences and get ready to let it fly. The Hyper-Lite Speed Cap keeps the bat light for a crisp swing that sends the ball in the direction you want.

Balanced Precision, Power, and Leverage

With a custom bat grip to keep it from slipping and a DFS Carbon Handle made from 90% carbon fiber, the Easton BB20ADV ADV360 BBCOR Baseball Bat brings control to your entire swing. By isolating the barrel from the handle, the iSo ConneXion creates a more powerful swing for easier home runs.

As the leading name in baseball bats, Louisville Slugger has thrown its name to the BBCOR bats arena. The Louisville Slugger Select Power BBCOR Baseball Bat does the Louisville Slugger name proud. The Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip combines tack and cushion for the perfect grip. The hybrid design features a new premium EXD alloy for a smooth swing with a large sweet spot for less pain when swinging.

Bats Are the Core of Baseball

You can't play baseball without bats, and getting one of these BBCOR baseball bats means you're ready to play within the guidelines. For young sluggers, pick up some kids' baseball bats for a day at the diamond.

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