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Performance Baseball Bats to Maximize Your Swat Rate


Hitting a fast-pitched ball is said to be one of the most challenging acts in all of sports. With baseball bats designed to match players’ individual needs, they’re apt to hear more of that satisfying “ping” from a metal alloy or composite stick or the classic “crack” of a hardwood one. is your comprehensive supplier of baseball bats and equipment, whether your game is hardball or softball.


Batter’s Choice


To supply roundhouse power hitters who like to swing for the fence and quick-slap, contact batters who tend to spray the ball around, we carry dozens of baseball bats for adults and youth to help them find their perfect mate at the plate. Choose from classic names in baseball bats and equipment, including DiMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Rawlings, and others.

Baseball bats in our collection include ones constructed out of solid, premium maple to achieve maximum power on contact. Metal alloy and composite models are valued for their durability and finely tuned, elongated sweet spots to help raise your batting average. Two-piece construction found in many bats involves a flexible connection between the handle and barrel that can result in extra punch when the ball is hit.  

From a name that’s virtually synonymous with the game, Eastbay offers Louisville Slugger baseball equipment, including their famous bats, wooden fungo bat, bat carry packs, and batting gloves.

Shop our selection of Easton baseball gloves to ensure a firm grip on your bat. Available in men’s and boys’ sizes, Easton batting gloves are preferred for their flexible fit and tacky goatskin leather palms.


For the Backstop


The team’s catcher serves as their field general. Hunkered down with the whole game out front, the catcher calls pitches, eyes base runners, and directs fielder positioning. For this pivotal player, we offer a selection of top-quality catcher's gloves. Commonly referred to as mitts, these specially designed gloves have to trap and cushion a constant onslaught of heaters, while enabling quick ball retrieval to throw out a runner. Choose from models for hardball and softball.

Rely on Eastbay for everything you need in baseball, including cleats, clothing, safety gear, and accessories.