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Find Your Trail in Timberland Boots

Boots are often synonymous with two things: rain and winter. We either splash our way through puddles in plastic boots, or trudge through snowbanks wrapped in oversized jackets and clunky footwear. But despite what Mother Nature decides to hurl at us, Timberland boots have been there to protect our toes and cover our feet through it all. Starting, of course, with the Timberland 6" Premium in the wheat colorway.

The original Timberland boot that started it all — and inspired countless impersonations — is still a crowd favorite. But now, with Timberland's amazing selection and extensive collection, it is easy to find a fit for any occasion. From dress shoes to work boots, Timberland offers something for everyone. From the footballer looking for a pair of kicks to take him from the classroom to the locker room to the tennis enthusiast searching for a pair of street shoes, Timberland brand is giving a voice to style.

Between lessons, training, and chores, it can be hard to find the time to explore your surroundings. We stick to places we know and hangouts we frequent. Timberlands urge you to explore the modern trail, to check out everything from the concrete jungles to nearby wooded trails, to take the time to lace up a pair of Euro Hiker, known for rugged good looks and superior comfort, and leave no stone unturned.

It is not just the pursuit of style Timberland boots are offering, but functional designs that will hold up on any road, from alleyways to sidelines. Waterproof and crafted with a durable nubuck upper, the Timberland City Lite Waterproof Chukka can withstand wherever the day takes you. From lectures and finals to long commutes, this dress boot offers quality materials and incredible function on top of a sleek finish. If durability and function are the most important features you look for in a boot, then search no further than the Timberland Field Boots. You can't go wrong with these best-selling Timbs in leather, with all-terrain traction and a classic look.

Eastbay is proud to carry an extensive collection of Timberland boots, with their commitment to quality products, functional designs, and timeless styles. Whether you're an elite athlete in need of versatile kicks to carry you to and from practice or you're the outdoor adventurer looking for well-constructed boots that can transition from Frisbee in the park to scaling a hillside, Eastbay has it. So shop easy knowing we have the looks you want and the styles you need, so you can focus on being confident, being unique, and being your best.

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