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New Balance 574

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Providing Balance to Casual Trends

Around since the beginning of the 1900s, New Balance has certainly made its fair share of shoes. While they continually produce shoes that have garnered attention, none have done so more than the iconic New Balance 574. First produced in 1988 and made from leftover material from the 576, New Balance never quite expected that this shoe would be the one to withstand the test of time.

Its success could be partially attributed to the fact that this is not just a versatile casual shoe, but a quality one as well. The New Balance 574 includes a number of high-end running shoe technologies that enhance comfort, stability, and durability. To start, the 574's soft EVA midsole cushioning features Encap® technology at its core, making for an extremely comfortable sneaker. Combine that with a tough, polyurethane edge to provide extra stability and a carbon-rubber outsole that brings durable, multi-surface traction, and you have a shoe that people are excited to wear and invest in.

Quality is one reason that the 574 continues to be New Balance's most sought-after shoe. The extensive selection of designs is certainly another. But how is a shoe that was designed in 1988 still relevant? New Balance 574 comes in 80+ colors. The result: increasingly creative color combinations and bold designs that are perfect for casual wear. They literally have a shoe for everyone and their mother; or at least the ability to design one.

New Balance has always been on the cutting edge of footwear technology and style, and with the New Balance 574 they have captured a look that transcends decades. By focusing on detailed style points and classic design, New Balance has created a shoe that resonates with people across the globe. Expressive colors paired with a classic look have combined to provide a symbol of originality and ingenuity to everyday style. As long as the 574 continues to utilize high-quality construction and adapt to the ever-evolving sneaker trends, its popularity and classic legacy will only continue to grow.