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Jordan Retro Shoes


Michael Jordan’s line of signature shoes are some of the most iconic sneakers in the world. When the original AJ 1 debuted, it was a groundbreaking shoe that changed the course of the sneaker industry forever. That set stage for every legendary Jordan that’s been released over the years. Decades later, Jordan Brand is still creating innovative shoes that are built for the court, as well as bringing back the classics as off-court casual kicks.

The popularity of Michael Jordan’s signature line has never faded. Everyone, from serious sneakerheads to casual fans, appreciates the design, innovation, and history associated with MJ’s Air Jordan line. That’s why Retro versions of those shoes are so highly sought-after. Whether it’s an OG release or a new take on a classic silhouette, Jordan Retros are special. They’re more than shoes. They’re classics. And you can get all of your favorite pairs here.

Retro 1 

The Retro 1 is the shoe that started it all. Arriving in 1985, this shoe and its rule-breaking black-red colorway was banned by the league. A legend was born. Today, Retro 1s are some of the most iconic shoes, with the famous colorways like the Banned, Chicago, Black Toe, Top 3, Shattered Backboard, and Royal 1s all being fan favorites.

Retro 2

The Retro 2 played off of its predecessor’s design, but was heavily influenced by luxury. Built to resemble a high-fashion dress shoe, the Retro 2 was the perfect blend of style and performance.

Retro 3

The Retro 3 is one of Jordan’s most recognizable silhouettes, with the famous elephant print wrapping the heel and toe of the shoe. It was also Jordan’s first mid-cut sneaker, and was originally built to be both an on- and off-court shoe in 1987-88.

Retro 4

The Retro 4 followed in the Retro 3’s footsteps by seamlessly combining on-court performance with off-court style. Straps that framed the eyelets worked to provide additional support on the court, while also resembling wings for a trendy off-court look.

Retro 5

Taking inspiration from a World War II fighter plane, the Retro 5 became instantly recognizable thanks to the famous shark teeth design. It’s also the first Jordan to feature a translucent sole.

Retro 6

The Retro 6 debuted during the 1991 season, where MJ claimed his first championship. The shoe features grip holes in the tongue and a colored midsole that helped make the ‘Infrared’ colorway into a classic.

Retro 7

The Retro 7 helped push MJ’s line further into pop culture with the help of a famous rabbit. It was the first Jordan shoe with no Nike logos on the outside of the shoe, signaling a huge moment for the Jordan Brand. MJ also won his second championship and made history that summer overseas on what people consider to be the best basketball team of all time.

Retro 8

The Retro 8 introduced crossover straps, making it one of Jordan’s most unique shoes. It’s also a historically significant shoe, as MJ capped off a three-peat in the Retro 8 before announcing his retirement.

Retro 9

The Retro 9 took inspiration from MJ’s brief baseball career by incorporating design elements from the baseball cleats His Airness wore. Due to his retirement, MJ actually never wore the shoe during a regular-season game.

Retro 10

With MJ’s retirement, the Retro 10 paid tribute to Jordan by listing his various accomplishments on the sole of the shoe. Soon, MJ would return to the league and continue adding onto that already impressive list.

Retro 11

The Retro 11 is easily a fan favorite silhouette. It was built to be a versatile shoe that could be worn on the court or at a formal event, with its premium patent leather construction. MJ claimed another championship and starred in a famous movie that helped the Retro 11 reach a new level of pop culture acclaim.

Retro 12

The Retro 12 featured unique design lines and premium materials for a truly iconic look. MJ won his fifth championship and his Game 5 heroics made the ‘Flu Game’ colorway one of the most famous colorways in Jordan history.

Retro 13

MJ’s cat-quick reflexes and style of play inspired the shoe’s design, which includes a sole that takes after a panther’s paw print and the iconic glowing hologram by the ankle that looks like a cat’s eye. MJ finished off his second three-peat with the Retro 13 before retiring once again.

Retro 14

Michael Jordan’s love of sports cars took center stage with the Retro 14. The shoe’s design took inspiration from one of MJ’s favorite cars that he drove.

Retro 15

The Retro 15 is one of Jordan’s most unique designs, taking some inspiration from a fighter jet. It was also influenced by the premium, luxury looks that accompanied previous Air Jordan designs. The one-of-a-king collar design created an instantly recognizable silhouette that was unlike anything else in the sneaker world.

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