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Perfect Style for Every Season

These days, there isn’t just one type of hat that reigns supreme. There’s a reason to rock every kind of headwear, whether it’s a beanie, a bucket hat, a fitted cap, an adjustable cap, or even a head tie.

As the seasons change, so do the weather requirements of style. A beanie will keep your head warm in the fall or winter while you go for a brisk run. Meanwhile, a baseball cap keeps your eyes protected while you run down fly balls in the spring. Then there’s a head tie that keeps the sweat and hair out of your eyes as you work on your jumper in the hot summer sun. And a bucket hat can keep your head cool any time of year.

Practical and Personal

Shopping for hats is about far more than function. Although the weather might dictate exactly what type of hat you’re searching for at any given time of year, that doesn’t mean personal tastes have to change, too. Whether it’s for style or performance, Eastbay knows that love and loyalty for any specific brand can always be prioritized.

Browse Eastbay's collection of beanies, ranging from adidas and Jordan to The North Face, Timberland, and plenty more. Find snapbacks from brands like New Era, Jordan, adidas, and Champion. You can also shop skull caps and skull wraps from Jordan, Nike, adidas, and others.

The Rise of the Head Tie

Top basketball players have been trading in traditional headbands for more “ninja”-like head ties over the past few seasons. Many even expressed their love for this new style of sportswear for a multitude of reasons. Some cite simply “being different” as the main reason for the change. Others have explained it as an homage to a style of headband that professional female athletes have been wearing for years.

The core of the trend should be obvious, though: head ties look and feel fantastic. So if you’re considering adding “sports-style pioneer” to your resume, look no further than the Nike Dri-Fit Head Tie 2.0.

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