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Men's Under Armour Jackets

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Layer Up with Men’s Under Armour Jackets  


The Under Armour company was established in 1996 to market the industry’s first line of effective, moisture-wicking undershirts for athletes, hence the “Under” in the name. Their first shirt, “The Shorty,” caught on rapidly and soon the brand expanded its offerings to include specialty wear for cold or hot weather. The company’s distinctive UA logo has become synonymous with athletic pursuits at all levels.  

Eventually, layer by layer, Under Armour’s success led them to break into outer attire and footwear for athletic, recreational, and casual use. Today, you can suit up in your “outer armour” with a men’s Under Armour jacket or hoodie in your choice of various styles and weights.  


The Long and Short of It


Men’s Under Armour jackets are available in a variety of styles to suit the weather or your mood. Your choices range from a bomber-style warm-up jacket when all you need is a light layer, to snug, insulated models that extend to the hips for added warmth and coverage. Loose, short-sleeved batting cage jackets help you work on your swing in balmy weather. Lightweight Under Armour ColdGear insulated jackets and hoodies offer great wind-resistance and heat retention to keep the chill out and body heat in. carries a fantastic selection of men's Under Armour hoodies in pullover, 1/2-zip, and full-zip styles. There are traditional solid-color models with discreet UA chest logos, color-blocked hoodies with a geometric look, and ones with bold graphic treatments. Choose from hoodies in classic, soft fleece and models from Under Armour’s ColdGear line. Providing a very cool spin on the category, lightweight, short-sleeved stadium hoodies feature sweat-wicking fabric.  


Match it Up


Add a comfortable pair of men's Under Armour sweatpants, made of soft fleece material and available in loose-fit and tapered leg versions. There’s also a selection of men's Under Armour pants for a variety of applications, including joggers, warmups, football, baseball, and golf. In fact, we’ve got you covered with Under Armour in athletic footwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, socks, sports gear, and accessories. Our site’s user-friendly search function will help you zero-in on what you need.