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Men's Jordan T-Shirts

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The Stuff of Dreams

You probably already know the story of Michael Jordan. Fans everywhere rep his name and his personal logo as a mark of excellence. But you also know that details matter and that knowledge can set you apart from the crowd as much as your personal style. The Jumpman logo has roots that predate Nike. During a photoshoot for the 1984 Los Angeles games, MJ struck that graceful pose, only to replicate it a year later after he’d signed with the legendary shoe brand.

Even then, it wasn’t the first personal mark to appear on his signature Air Jordan shoes. That would be the Wings logo visible on his first two kicks. From the third on, the Jumpman became synonymous with Jordan, hanging in time like a snapshot of a daydream, forever gliding overhead toward a sky-high hoop.

Wear a Layer of Greatness with Men’s Jordan Tees

That mark is just the start of your Jordan look, and you can mix and match it however you like on MJ’s signature line of T-shirts. Go big, go small, go with allover colors or throwback styles.

The Jumpman Classics HBR tee features the best of both worlds, with the “Nike Air” wordmark overlaid with the Jumpman logo. This covers both phases of MJ’s signature career with Nike, as Jordan became a brand unto itself in 1997.

The Jumpman Crew tee puts that silhouette big and bold, front and center.

Your Jordan Sportswear Stretch 23 T-shirt adds an aesthetic twist, with a “Jordan” word mark stretched across the shoulders, from sleeve to sleeve. A medium Jumpman is featured front and center, and the allover light blue recalls his collegiate alma mater.

Enhance your throwback game with a Jordan Retro-themed tee. Styled and colored after specific re-releases — including the Retro 4, 5, 11, 13, and more — it will let you add those details that always make the difference.

Even MJ stepped up his style game when his brand collaborated with a legendary soccer club, Paris Saint-Germain, for a lineup that includes a lux-look tee.

There’s nothing like a versatile base layer to help you stand out or pull together a look that’s uniquely you. However you roll, men’s Jordan T-shirts have your back. The options are limited only by your imagination, so find your size and colors at Eastbay, and refresh your rotation.