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Knee Braces & Sleeves

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Knee Braces & Sleeves

Do recurring knee problems have an impact on your game? Eastbay has a wide selection of knee braces to target just the right level of support you'll need. The knee is the largest joint in the human body and one of the quickest to get injured. It's easy to see why the knee is often injured, because it is comprised of so many moving parts.

It is where the femur and tibia meet and rotate on the knee cap (patella). Long ligaments stretch around the knee to connect the bones and help prevent injury by limiting any unnecessary motion. Tendons, muscles, and a layer of meniscus also help connect the bones in the knee and help prevent shock.

Knee injuries are usually caused by a sudden blow, awkward twist, or from daily overuse of the joint. With a sudden blow or twist, bruising and swelling of the muscles and or tendons is common. Depending on the severity, bones may fracture or the knee cap may dislocate. All of these injuries are most often attributed to being caused by sporting activities, and here at Eastbay, we understand the athlete.

No matter what your knee problem is, we have a brace for you. Whether you need it for an existing injury or prevention, we have products ranging from knee sleeves and ligament supports to knee wraps, guards, and braces. So strap one on today to enhance your game, even during an injury.