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Batting Gloves – the Science of the Swing


The mechanics of hitting a ball are complex, involving all parts of the body. Feet, hips, shoulders, and arms perform a precise chain of actions, culminating at the hands. You may “swing” the bat with your arms, but your hands determine if you hit the ball. The lower hand directs the knob toward the path of the pitch, then the upper hand delivers the final snap to connect. That critical split-second calls for precise feel.

Way back in the early, hurly-burly days of the game, batting was a bare-fisted affair. Between sweat, rosin, pine tar, cold temperatures, rain, and callouses, maintaining a reliable grip and exerting consistent bat control was an ongoing issue. Enter the modern baseball era, where quality batting gloves are a vital gear choice to succeed at the plate.


It’s About Being a Selective Hitter


Because all players have their own individual needs and preferences, choosing baseball bat gloves has become a very personal matter. To make sure every player can find their ideal pair, offers more than 200 options for men, women, and kids from top sports brands, including Easton, Evoshield, Franklin, Marucci, Mizuno, Nike, and Under Armour. Shop for signature baseball bat gloves endorsed and worn by top ballplayers, with a variety of looks, designs, and materials, including ones that offer stabilizing wrist support and ergonomically engineered palm grip patterns.

Premium Franklin batting gloves have been long-time favorites among major leaguers who rely on them for their sure-grip properties and comfortable fit. We offer the brand’s best-sellers, all featuring the official MLB “batter” logo.


Gearing Up Every Player for the Game


For youngsters who are just starting to get their hands in the game, we stock dozens of models of kids' batting gloves, available from a variety of leading manufacturers. Eastbay also carries a great collection of quality softball batting gloves in sizes for women and girls.

Browse our extensive website for all of your baseball and softball gear, including footwear, clothing, bags, and accessories.