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Paul George. Defying Expectations.

It’s ‘Trece’ Season

When Paul George became a free agent in 2018, his clout on the court became clear. He was a dominant at both ends of the court, he had top tier athleticism, and the drive and personality to play well with anyone. It seemed he had the key to the NBA, and the world was waiting for his answer: Lakers or Thunder? Pundits talked non-stop, citing his hometown draw, and the pros and cons of playing with Westbrook versus LeBron. One Laker fan bought 40 billboards to try to recruit Paul George to Los Angeles. The hype was real.

From Paul George to PG13

But this wasn’t always the case. For most of his collegiate and professional career, George was radically underestimated. He flew under the radar. But by the end of his rookie season, he was showing signs of greatness. George was one of only two rookies to be on the starting line-up for his team in the play-offs. By 2012 he was voted Most Improved Player. In 2013 was his legendary Eastern Conference Finals match-up against LeBron and the Miami Heat, in which he was un-guardable. In 2014 he made All Defensive First Team. George wasn’t a no-name any longer. PG13 was becoming an icon.

PG1 and Beyond

Enter the PG1. The midfoot strap locks down the foot so PG13 can capitalize on his ankle-breaking agility, the Zoom Air unit provides an explosive first step, and the rubber outsole is durable enough to withstand the grind. All this in a sleek silhouette that’s both performance-driven and stylish. It’s a shoe built to put in work, put up numbers, and make noise.

Followed up by the equally groundbreaking PG2 and the PG2.5’s return to form, Nike quickly created a sneaker staple with the help of Paul George. Loved by players and sneakerheads alike, the PG’s aren’t going anywhere, and neither is George. For PG13 and his shoes, the story has only just started. There’s no telling what’s to come.

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