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Jordan Retro

He's known as the best basketball player in history, so it's only natural that hoops fans everywhere still look to Michael Jordan for their inspiration; and although his career as a player ended years ago, MJ is still one of the most popular athletes around (that's staying power!).

With that in mind, it's no surprise that his legendary Air Jordan game shoes, referred to as Jordan Retros, are in high demand and have been re-released time and again. Jordan Retros stay true to the originals in terms of construction, but in some cases they invoke new color schemes to make for a unique collection that will pair well with clothing and accessories. Here at Eastbay, we know that everyone from casual fans to hardcore ballers wait on the edge of their seats for Jordan Retro shoe release dates, which is why we go into overdrive to make sure our customers get what they want. Since we know that the guy with the latest Retro sneakers is gonna have the best shoe game on and off the hardwood, we also have Jordan Retro socks, hats, t-shirts and, slides.

You might be surprised to know that not all of the products from the Retro series are re-releases. Completely original Jordan Retro shirts are being made that weren't around when His Airness was winning titles. They draw their inspiration from everything the Jumpman 23 logo represents: hard work, passion for the game and playing your best when it matters most. And keep in mind that while he was a fierce competitor on the court, Jordan definitely knew how to have a good time after the buzzer.

So whether you're playing on the hardwood of your high school gym or chilling with your buddies watching championship games, count on Eastbay to keep you decked out in all the Jordan Retro gear you need.