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Compression Clothing

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The use of compression clothing, such as stretchable tights, shorts and vests, has been in vogue for some time now and is preferred by many athletes and sports enthusiasts. Compression clothing is designed to fit tight to the body to help maintain body temperature.
Early studies have suggested that compression clothing also has the power to help athletes avoid conditions like venous thrombosis. Compression clothing helps prevent this problem due to its property of channeling the blood flow to the lower part of the body. Other studies have been conducted to find out how compression clothing can influence the final performance of an athlete and it has been found that in various sports, the use of compression clothing has enhanced performance levels. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, other researchers have proven the fact that athletes can actually recover faster when wearing compression clothing. While wearing compression clothing, athletes tend to suffer less muscle damage, rendering them less susceptible to injuries. Compression clothing also decreases oxygen costs by a considerable amount. Moreover, athletes using compression clothing are seen to perform better during exercise sessions. Compression apparel also helps wick sweat away from the body and this helps prevent chafing and rashes. Padded compression clothing provides a durable, breathable and lightweight protection system that is designed to move and conform to the athlete's body to offer maximum protection.