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Cargo Shorts

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Form and Function

Cargo shorts are known for the comfortable and casual silhouette they create. Initially designed for military wear, the wide, multi-pocketed bottoms have also been associated with outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.

The roomy pockets make them perfect for any activity that requires keeping a lot of gear close at hand. Aside from their usefulness, cargo shorts have lodged themselves firmly in the realm of casual fashion and style-focused streetwear.

A New Kind of Cargo

Evolving with current trends, Cargo shorts are no longer limited to just their baggy look. Often, the shorts are much slimmer fitting with pockets that are more subtle — some styles even opt for zippers, not traditional cargo pockets with buttons and flaps.

At Eastbay, there's a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of cargo shorts. To see the evolution of this classic apparel, look no further than Southpole’s Ripstop Belted Cargo Shorts, which come in both white and black and feature a matching belt that’s included.

Levi’s Legacy

The Levi’s brand is most famous for its collection of denim jeans, often considered a true American style classic. But Levi’s passion for apparel extends far beyond traditional denim. The brand also makes stylish cargo shorts, fusing the traditional fit and pockets with a more modern sense of fashion. Levi’s Squad Cargo Shorts are made from 100% cotton and come in cimarron, eucalyptus, and white with a matching belt. Levi’s Carrier Cargo Shorts, which come in camo, dress blue, cougar, black, and graphite, are another example of classic comfort.

CSG Cargo

As part of the Eastbay collection, CSG provides the largest range of cargo shorts to choose from. There are the CSG Urban Cargo Shorts, which feature large bellow cargo pockets. Then there's also the CSG Valley Zip Cargo Shorts, which include an adjustable drawstring waist and zip pockets.

Finally, for an ultra-casual cargo experience, consider the CSG Survivor Knit Cargo Shorts, which feature an adjustable drawstring waist, zip-up pockets, and a knit construction — and yes, they come in camo.