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Innovating sportswear, inspiring athletes.

Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman founded Nike with one mission: to provide athletes with a better running shoe. Their history of innovation started when Bowerman first poured rubber into his waffle iron, creating the outsole for Nike’s first running shoe.

Since their beginning in 1971, Nike has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sports. Technology like Air cushioning and Flyknit fabric revolutionized footwear, providing athletes with responsive cushioning and locked-down fit while competing.

Nike’s reputation for pioneering performance technology has led to partnerships with some of history’s greatest athletes. From Michael Jordan to Serena Williams and Tiger Woods to Christiano Ronaldo, Nike’s athletes are backing up the brand with records and medals.

Setting records & shifting the culture.

Though Nike’s emphasis has always been on sports, it wasn’t long before their legacy became part of pop culture. By making shoes that performed better, their shoes also looked different than anything the world had ever seen.

Sneakers like the Nike Air Max 1 combined cutting-edge technology with a unique design, its singularity in the market making it a staple of the sneaker world. Shoes like the Nike Air Max Plus, Nike Air Max 95, Nike Air Max 97, and the Jordan Retro 11 saw similar escalations – their performance-driven designs quickly became sneaker icons.

Nike’s next frontier

Now that Nike has created a legacy of pushing the boundaries, the only question is: What’s next? With shoes like the Nike Vapormax, Nike continues to fine-tune their existing technology. The Vapormax offers the most flexible Air cushioning to date, creating a more natural running experience without sacrificing the premium comfort of Air cushioning. Releases like the Nike Air Max 720 continue to redefine sneaker culture with their iconic designs.

With elite shoes, apparel, and equipment for football, baseball, soccer, basketball, training, and more, Nike continues to help athletes chase their dreams. The future of sport is in the making – gear up with Nike to be apart of it.

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