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Marucci Baseball Gear Is for the Big Leagues

No matter how you like to play, Marucci has an eye for quality and craftsmanship. Marucci baseball gear includes bats, baseball mitts, batting gloves, and other high-end accessories for you to prove your bona fides on the diamond. Plenty of big leaguers have chosen Marucci as the brand they trust, and now you too can have the gear of the pros. When you’re on the field, Marucci gear will make it easier for you to move with confidence and play your hardest knowing your gear will hold up.   

Swing for the Fences

The Marucci collection readies you for any spot on the team, whether batting, pitching, infield, or outfield. Marucci baseball bats like the grade school Marucci Cat 8 Senior League Bat are bursting with features. A ring-free barrel construction allows for better barrel flex and removes dead spots for fewer painful vibrations. Help your young players knock it out of the park with a bigger sweet spot thanks to a multivariable wall design.

Once you've rounded the bases, head to the outfield with your mitt. The men's Marucci Cypress Series Fielder Glove balances out your game when you're on defense. Premium Japanese-tanned steerhide leather provides a smooth feel and soft cushioning to snag line drives. The wrist includes moisture-wicking fabric for fewer slips and discomfort.

All the Baseball Best

Marucci batting gloves will elevate your game with fewer slips and great control while your eye is on the ball. Men's Marucci Signature Batting Gloves include perforated sheepskin for maximum grip and durability. Grip the bat with unparalleled smoothness thanks to finger break contours that decrease bunching.

Retain your range of motion while gaining protection and security with the Marucci Batter's Elbow Guard. The adjustable design can be secured for customizable elbow bone coverage — step into the batter's box without fear. If you're trying to stay warm in the bullpen while waiting for your chance at the mound, the Marucci Windbreaker Jacket is stylish and will keep you warm. The lightweight design is great for anywhere.

Take Your Base

Marucci baseball equipment is here to take you to the next level. From facing down the next pitch to throwing for the double-play, this Marucci baseball gear lets you play like the pros. For athletic equipment no matter what you play, Eastbay has everything you need.