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Free Yourself with Birkenstock

In this world, nothing is free — except maybe our spirits. Birkenstock sandals can set yours alight with a look and a feel that are always on point.

Putting Comfort to Bed

It’s not often that something on-trend today has roots in the 1700s. Ever since 1774, everyone from cobblers to designers to engineers has focused on the German, family-founded company’s footbeds.

At the heart of every Birkenstock is the footbed. In fact, Birkenstock first used the term “footbed” in the 1930s to describe the feeling the designers set out to establish for your feet. To emphasize the point, advertising at the time showed a foot settled comfortably onto an actual bed.

Every element of the Birkenstock footbed is a step toward the ultimate goal of a perfect fit. The heel cup is carved deep to cradle your heel, keeping natural cushioning directly under your heel bone. The arch support is set longitudinally, so the length-wise orientation supports your step along the sides of your foot. This also cradles your foot, providing stability from back to front in your stride.

Support doesn’t stop there, as transverse arch support runs through the midfoot. This helps ensure proper alignment and gives you a solid stance. The raised toe bar promotes your natural inclination to grip with your toes as you stride forward. It’s designed to not only help exercise your legs but stimulate circulation as well.

And while your toes have plenty of wiggle room in Birkenstock sandals, the footbed still takes them into account with a raised border around the toe box that gives you plenty of room to promote balance and proper foot alignment.

Four at the Core

You’ve seen the cork. But do you know the four keys to your comfort that lie within?

Jute, a long, soft, shiny natural plant fiber used both for food and traditional medicine, forms the initial layer of the footbed. Cork and latex combine for shock absorption and flexibility in the next layer. These natural materials also insulate your foot from extreme heat and cold. Jute forms a second layer around the sides of the footbed to increase flexibility and durability. Finally, a suede lining absorbs moisture, helping your foot feel dry and clean with every step.

A Sign of Your Time

Birkenstocks aren't just a sandal. They’re so much more. Since they debuted in the United States in 1966, Birkenstock shoes have become readily identifiable by their two-strap silhouette, which comes in a variety of colorways and patterns to show off your unique style. You’ve seen them at festivals, on the beach, and just about anywhere there’s a chill vibe.

Visit Eastbay to find your size and style of Birkenstocks that help you look and feel free-spirited.

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