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Cover Your Face in High-Performance Style
With face coverings in such high demand, it’s important to have one that fits your active life. Neck gaiters from Eastbay can be your new training partner. Whether it’s a training session or game day, you know where you want your focus. And style and substance make great teammates.

Stay Focused, Stay Confident
Whether they’re for players, coaches, game officials, or even parents in the stands, neck gaiters can serve multiple purposes. They're primarily used to help keep you warm in cooler temperatures. And you can find a style that lets you show some personality with a variety of colorways and bold prints.

But perhaps the biggest convenience of a neck gaiter is how easily you can just drop it down and wear it comfortably around your neck. A neck gaiter will fit seamlessly under a helmet without having to worry about hooking it around your ears. And runners like how easily it can go up or down when it comes time for an event. When your neck gaiter is up and in place, you still have access that might surprise you.

The Shock Doctors Play Safe gaiter features a layered design meant to provide protection while maximizing airflow and breathability with a convenient hidden opening. It offers quick, unobstructed access to a mouthguard and lets you get drinks of water without having to remove it or even touch your face. It's designed with a flatlock seam to optimize the fit over your nose, and with a flexible stretch material that helps eliminate exposed areas.

Gaitors are reusable and, since it’s so important to keep them clean, are easily machine-washable. It all adds up to a certain peace of mind, simply allowing you to keep your focus where you really want it, and that’s on the task at hand.

Stay warm this winter and find a selection of neck gaiters at Eastbay.

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