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Trey Hardee, Decathlete

Copywriter, J. Sisko | Photographer, K. Firkus | Videographer, C. Wild

Date Updated on: 4-24-12

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Catching Up with Two-Time World Champion Decathlete Trey Hardee

Imagine participating in a track meet where you have to perform in not one, but ten running and field events held over the course of two days. That’s what two-time World Outdoor gold medalist Trey Hardee faces every time he competes.


Trey Hardee set his personal best of 8,790 at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin. It was the highest decathlon score at a World Championships since 2001. He was awarded the Jim Thorpe All-Around Award by the United States Sports Academy for his achievements that year. As a senior at the University of Texas, Hardee was ranked second in the country after establishing a new NCAA record at the Texas Relays in 2006 of 8,465 points. Hardee also held the NCAA Indoor heptathlon record of 6,136 until 2010. At the 2011 World Championships last August, Trey retained his world decathlon title with a final point tally of 8607.


We caught up with Trey at his Eastbay cover shoot in Austin, Texas and asked him what his most important training tool would be. He says: “The right shoe helps a lot.” Trey says he trains in Nike Frees because they are “great to strengthen the foot and build the tiny little muscles in the foot and ankles. They get strong enough so when you compete or spike up on the track, injuries are non-existant,” He went on to say: “It’s just like running barefoot. We take advantage of them in all the training we do.”


Trey sprints in the Nike Zoom Superfly R3: “The Zoom Superfly is one of my favorite spikes. The upper is made as light as they possibly can. This is an awesome, awesome spike.” And he throws in the Nike Zoom Rotational 5: “The Zoom Rotational is the shoe I wore on the cover. It has a really, really nice sole that is faster than you’ll ever need and it fits snug on your foot.”

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