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Under Armour Armourbite Mouthguard

Scientifically proven to make you a better athlete. How does it work? When you train and compete, your clenched jaw and teeth compress your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This triggers your brain to release an excess amount of performance-sapping hormones that produce stress and fatigue. ArmourBite® technology pivots your jaw down and forward, relieving pressure on the TMJ to unleash your own potential.

  • Strength increases due to improved airflow (more oxygen saturation) and less stress.
  • Endurance will also improve because of those open airways, resulting in 25% less lactic acid build-up after 30 minutes intense exercise.
  • Better oxygen saturation also helps quicken your reaction time.
  • Impact forces are reduced by 20% to lessen the severity of potential injuries.
  • Comes with a $32,000 dental warranty.
  • Patented ArchFit System provides fit, comfort and retention.
  • Interchangeable ArmourShield front plate and port for interchangeable attachments.
  • Package includes ArmourBite Mouthguard, ArmourPlate Insert, UA Strap (black/yellow) and fitting tool (with instructions).
  • Not for use with braces, latex free.
  • Recommended for ages 12 and over.

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