Nexhale Ab Workout Devise


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    Nexhale Ab Workout Devise - Black
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    Have you been looking for an ab workout that is effective and keeps you from straining your neck? Check out the Nexhale AB Workout Device that's made for anyone that works out and has incorporated crunches, sit ups, or any variety of other abdominal exercises into their routine. Most have typically experienced the pain associated with neck misalignment. Not only is having this misalignment painful, it is potentially harmful. The Nexhale AB Workout Device, provides neck support to accomplish effective abdominal exercises. It stabilizes the neck to prevent misalignment. Helps relieve stress and pressure on the neck and upper spine. Prevents abrupt tension that may cause injury during abdominal exercise. It makes your workouts more effective by supporting the natural arc of the neck, the head, and the spine. It enables you to stay healthier and make workouts more effective. Relieves tension on your neck while strengthening your core. Optimal spine support during workouts allows for better abdominal conditioning results.